Green Audit

Green Audits

While our Energy Audit report contains a section with recommendations on how to make your business or home greener, that is only the tip of the (melting) iceberg.

Would you like to take this further?

We can help you to lower your carbon footprint with our Green Audit.  We follow the Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) methodology…

  • Do you know how green your business is?  
  • How important is being environmentally friendly to your employees…your customers?
  • Could you be more efficient and save money?
  • Would greening your business create a competitive advantage?
  • Have you decided to make an environmental commitment, but aren’t quite sure where to go from there?

Whether you want to “go green” because your competitors are, or you’re feeling pressure from your stakeholders, or you just believe that it’s the right thing to do—the SSC Green Audit can help you get started!

We’ll identify your key environmental impacts, assess challenges and opportunities, calculate your carbon footprint, and create a six-month action plan to kick-start your sustainability strategy.

The SSC Green Audit takes the guesswork out of “going green” by providing a consistent methodology that measures employee attitudes and behavior and combines that with a carbon footprint analysis — All of which culminates in recommendations that are directly tied to your organization’s impacts in a strategic way. We make sure that the green initiatives we propose give you the most “bang for your buck”, and that you walk away with a clear understanding of what going green can mean for your business model.

Benefits of obtaining an SSC Green Audit include:

  • Save money by being more efficient! Identify and tackle the low hanging fruit.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and decrease turnover! The audit will assess employee attitudes and awareness so you can create a happier, healthier working environment.
  • Add credibility to your green message! Back up your efforts with real data.
  • Create a competitive advantage! Show your customers that you care about the environment.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

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