Green Buildings LEED

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED™, is a system for rating green buildings. Points are awarded for meeting design and efficiency criteria, and minimizing the project`s environmental footprint. The final assessment of the points is determined by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), and, if certified, is awarded one of:
    • Certified; or,
    • Silver; or,
    • Gold; or,
    • Platinum.
  • Some examples of LEED™ projects in Manitoba include:
    • The Active Living Centre at the University of Manitoba (Silver);
    • The Healthy Living Centre at Brandon University (Silver);
    • Mountain Equipment Coop (Gold); and,
    • Manitoba Hydro (Platinum).
  • It has been shown that LEED™ buildings:
    • Cost less to operate; and,
    • Have a higher re-sale value; and,
    • Use less energy and less water; and,
    • Have a better indoor air quality.
  • Studies have shown that
    • Staff in LEED™ buildings are more productive; and,
    • Customers spend more money.
  • Depending on the project, there are several versions of LEED™. There is LEED™ for New Construction and Major Renovations; and, Core and Shell; and, Commercial Interiors; and, Existing Building Operations and Management; and, others.
  • We can also apply the principles of LEED™ and determine if your project or existing building is LEED™-compliant.
  • There is also LEED™ certification for New Homes and Neighbourhoods.

LEED™ Overload

  • Many companies undertake LEED™ projects.
  • In some cases, when there is a crunch time with a deadline looming, we can help you get those LEED™ credit submissions completed.

If you would like to discuss LEED™ and Green Buildings in general, or explore the details of LEED™ certification, or would like assistance with your LEED™ project, please contact us.

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